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About Roundworm

About Roundworm

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Roundworm - Bob Kanefsky

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Roundworm is a professional-quality studio CD of some of Bob Kanefsky's best parodies — performed by a variety of vocalists and musicians, in many cases by the original songwriters. You can read the lyrics of any song by clicking on its title. This will also show the lead vocalist and original authors. You can also listen to a several of the recordings online.
Acts of Parody
parody of Acts of Creation , which has a tune somewhat similar to “Drink Up the River” — and supposedly to “The Gambler”, though I don't see that resemblence.
Nobody’s Moggy Lands
At a local SF convention, Steve Savitzky commented that it was hard to believe that No Man's Land was written by the same person who wrote He's Nobody's Moggy Now I started thinking about how they weren't all that different (besides both being on the same Scraps of Paper album). And yes, I later learned that“moggy” is a proper noun, something like the feline equivalent of “mutt.” No one has ever suggested a way to fix the moggy in this song.
Just in case any of my victims needed a song attacking me, I wrote one for them in advance. Kathy was ready with this as a “response” when “Dear Departed” was sprung on her at a convention. ... Note how well Heather plays Julia’s vocal doppelgŠnger — if only the original Doppelgänger could be recorded like this!
Mutant Generations
parody of Spiral Dance and a criticism of Star Trek. It's unfortunate that two generations are growing up thinking that aliens will look like actors with bumpy foreheads and be cross-fertile with humans. I hear there's now a book on this subject, To Seek Out New Life .
Something’s Under the Bed
parody of Up in the Loft inspired by Calvin and Hobbes
By the Time I Get To...
parody of Phoenix (which is about an Apollo 1 astronaut reincarnated as a Shuttle). This one incorporates the intervening decades of Shuttle experience: “Before each quarter’s launch...”. The line about “half the Roman pantheon” refers to “A Rocket Rider’s prayer” by Steve Savitzky (may Apollo of Embarcations forgive him).
The Comforts of Home
parody of “Home” about “Number One” (no bathrooms on the <i>Enterprise</i>)— both on Ookla the Mok’s CD “< art” LISTEN
Eternal Flame
parody of God Lives on Terra The question of the merits of different programming languages has often been called a “religious argument”, except maybe by those who assume that there’s obviously One Right True and Only Way and it begins with C. LISTEN
Wise Men Feared to Tread
When Giants Walked — because if they're gigantic enough to let you “climb into some gentle hand”, you’d want to stay out of the way when “the giants danced in circles around the fires we built to share.” LISTEN
Mineral Rights
parody of Demon in the Dark and a satire of the Star Trek Classic episode “Devil in the Dark” [episode now being released on DVD] LISTEN
Threes, Take 3
parody of Threes . Same story (from Oathbreakers ), different slant:
The maiden watches helplessly throughout the whole attack,
Then hacks up half the hoodlums with one hand behind her back.
The lady makes a gesture, and the other half are fried.
Their guardsmen gesture back, as they lie dying on the side.
December of Cambreadth
parody of March of Cambreadth about a team of reindeer with an attitude. While watching Heather record it, I got inspired to write Ho Ho , telling how the reindeer wound up in harness.
a three-part song about the moral conflict among the three aliens in The Gods Themselves
Dear Departed
parody of Velveteen from the point of view of a necrophilia victim LISTEN
Black Flag
parody of Red Queen about housekeeping, from the point of view of a young cockroach.
whey hay /hwA 'hA/ n. a fibrous yellow mold, (Coloropus yukosporus) commonly found on expired cottage cheese. See also DAIRY DOWN.


Track 14, “Dear Departed”

contains implicit lyrics

Do you listen to the Dr. Demento show? Do you think any of my songs from Roundworm are sufficiently demented ~ (even for listeners who don't know the originals)? You can submit a request online, on the Dr. Demento request page.