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SOCIETY — Parodies commenting on social policies, culture, etc.

Grill Fire

Long Live Bureaucracy
Green Grow The Rushes (pagan version)

Take As Directed
Spoke Too Soon

The Relentless Tide Of Yule
Rocking Around The Christmas Tree

Does This Song Make My Backside Look Dark?
My Love Was Like the Moon

No Dry Rounds
No High Ground

Sumerian Advertising Jingle
Let It Snow

Beyond the Western Range
Beyond the Western Sea

Eve and Mourning
Blood Child

Eclectic Galactic Cuisines
Costumer's Lament

Brown Rice and Tofu
Black Lace and Midnight

Noah's Origin
Noah's Song


An American Expression
Words Don't Cover It

Master of Macho
Night's Master

Captain Jack and His Crew
Captain Jack and the Mermaid


Non-Smoking Section
Mount Tam

The Moon Is Also a Satellite
The Sun Is Also a Warrior

Stink Up the River
Drink Up the River


The Sons of the Saxons
Song of the Shield-Wall

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