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MASHUP — While all of my parodies use the tune of one other song and follow its rhyme scheme and structure to tell some related or unrelated story, sometimes the unrelated story is taken from another song. I find the term “mash-up” “mashup,” suggested by Tony Fabris in 2007, handy to describe this technique. (The usualy definition of “mash-up” is something done with two recordings, whereas this is something done in songwriting.

Mal's Song

Second-Hand Prose
Second Hand Rose

The Alewife
The Entwife

The Port of Argo
The Bells of Norwich (Julian of Norwich)

Sandy’s Lament (The Tree of Sorted Dewdrops)
Arafel's Lament

Paper Plates
Paper Worlds

Aggravated Basalt
Helva's Song

It'll Never Last
Go Betweens

Free Trial, Cancel Anytime
Second-Hand Heaven

Dark and Snowy Mashup
Let It Go

Concurrent Sentences
Let It Go

Golden Submarine
Yellow Submarine

Junction: Don't Knock Mathematics
Don't Stop Believin'

I'm Using This Tune Again
For Emily, Whenever I May Find Her


Rowan Lemonade
Rowan Tree

307 Delta Beta
Witch of the Westmorland

Velvet Tide
Still Catch the Tide

Give Her Children Wings
Like Their Feet Have Wings

Dear Gina

The Multitasking Reader Shuffle
El Paso

Curried Seal With Ice Cream
Arthur Curry

The Child of Arthur Curry
Sule Skerrie

Mal, Adjusted
Mal's Song

New Jersey Sleeps
Manhattan Sleeps


Damn the Sirens
Sycamore Tree


The Girl Who Had Never Been ...
The Girl That's Never Been

Crossed Over

Base Coat
With Her Head Tucked Underneath Her Arm

Good Thing You Can't Read My Mind
If You Could Read My Mind

Mortality Song
Survivor's Song

Waltzing with Bums
Waltzing with Bears

Tribble Gumbo

Cross Fertilization
Fever Dreams

Fair Revenge
Temper of Revenge

Vapor Action
Vapor Angels

Green Eyed Gomez
Little Green Eyes

Bashing the Balrog

Nobody's Moggy Lands
No Man's Land

Flies and Other Diet Aids
Twa Magicians

Filksingers, Filksingers

Making Love Weighing Nothing At All
Making Love Out of Nothing At All

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