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Kathy Mar

People/bands parodied: Kathy Mar

(L)Wrote the original lyrics to twenty-one songs parodied.
(T)Wrote the tune to twenty-four songs parodied.
(P)Recorded twenty-five songs.

RoundwormCredited on Roundworm

Source song Parody
Acts of Creation (P) Acts of Parody (P)
Ancient Sky (P) Ancient Stone
Between Grass Shores (L)(T)(P) Between
Demon in the Dark (L) Bunny on the Grill
Harvey (L)(T) Calvin and Chucky
Water, Fire, and Smoke (P) Charcoal, Fire, and Smoke
Velveteen (L)(T)(P) Dear Departed (P)
Starship and Haiku (L)(T)(P) Deathwish of Hygiene
Doppelgänger (L)(T)(P) Doppel-entendre (P)
Looking for Jack (P) Drive-Through Filking
Everybody Here (L)(T) Everybody Here 2.0: the Year We Exchange Contact Information
Dreaming (L)(T)(P) Familiarity
The Elven Harper (T) The Fannish Harper
The Firebird (T) Firefly
Fox Woman (L)(T) Fox Mulder
Farewell, Mother Russia (T) From Delta With Love
Little Green Eyes (T)(P) Green Eyed Gomez
Heartwarming (L)(T) Heartrending
I Drink Your Eyes (L)(T)(P) I Kiss Your Eye
Ivory Rose (L)(T)(P) Ivory Soap
Shai-hulud (L)(T)(P) Just Say No
Demon in the Dark (L) Mineral Rights
Pieces of the Weather Pieces of the Engines (P)
Sunflower Love (L) Plain Paper Fax
Sea Cradle (L)(T)(P) Rat Race
HeavenCon (L)(T) Red Devil Inn
Arafel's Lament (T) Sandy’s Lament (The Tree of Sorted Dewdrops)
Songbird (L)(T)(P) Songworm
Flowering Green (P) Soylent Green
Drink Up the River (L)(T)(P) Stink Up the River
Arafel's Lament (T) The Tree of Lights and Tinsel
Calm Down (L)(T)(P) The Trekkies Have Invaded
Vapor Angels (L)(T)(P) Vapor Action
When Giants Walked (L)(T)(P) Wise Men Feared to Tread (Where Giants Walked)
Velvet (P) Without Paws

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