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MEDIA — Parody refers to a movie or TV show.

They’ll Know Me As Groot

Density Is All
Destiny Is All


Romcom Scene
Run Come See

Picard and the Gorn; Picard and Kirk at Veridian

Burn It Down

X Files Wren
The Cutty Wren

Eat Merry
Here's A Health To The Company


Don't Call An Angel
Angel of the Morning

Fox Mulder
Fox Woman

For Emily, Whatever She May Have Heard
For Emily, Whenever I May Find Her

No Place Like Home
Emerald Green

Saffron or Yolanda
Whiskey for my Johnny

Dangerously Close
Forty-five Years

Six Transit Genitalia Centauri
Falling Free

Mr. Underhill
Mrs. Robinson

Yestermom, Yesterdad, Yesterme
Yesterme, Yesteryou, Yesterday

Soylent Green
Flowering Green

The Comforts of Home

Toys Ex Machina
The Hand of God

Mutant Generations
Spiral Dance

Honey, I Wrote a Parody
Daydream Believer

Mrs. Murphy's Chowder: The Next Generation
Mrs. Murphy's Chowder

Shirt of Gold
Bird of Gold

Don't Ever Call Me Chicken
Don't Ever Call Me Stupid

Self Glaze
Elf Glade

Mineral Rights
Demon in the Dark

Television in Daylight
Dark Visions

Calvin and Chucky

Read My Lips
Troll Hall

Jessica's Song
Silken Swift

Come Ye Muppets
Come Ye Knights

Popeye the Sailor's Ghost
Carmen Miranda's Ghost

Another Saturday Night
Another Saturday Night

From Delta With Love
Farewell, Mother Russia

The Firebird

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