Waltzing with Bums

Parody of “Waltzing with Bears”, words by Dr. Seuss and Dale Marxen , music by Eugene Poddany

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Parody lyrics ©1992-11-01 by Bob Kanefsky. All rights reserved. The copyright of the original lyrics and music remain with the holder(s) of the original copyright.

He camped near her house in the middle of the street.
He started some coffee and turned up the heat.
Then to his surprise he was swept off his feet,
For my Aunt Mathilda thinks hobos are neat.

Chorus: She goes wa-wa-wa-waltzing, waltzing with bums.
Raggy bums, shaggy bums, bag ladies too.
There's nothing on Earth Aunt Mathilda won't do
So she can go waltzing, wa-wa-wa-waltzing,
So she can go waltzing,

[switch tunes]

Waltzing Mathilda, waltzing Mathilda,
She goes a-waltzing, Mathilda with them.
And her strange taste in partners is the scandal of the neighborhood.
She goes a wa-wa-wa-waltzing with bums.