Highway Hypnosis

Reprinted from Songworm 1

Parody of “I Only Have Eyes for You”, words by Al Dubin , music by Harry Warren

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Parody lyrics ©1988-02-06 by Bob Kanefsky. All rights reserved. The copyright of the original lyrics and music remain with the holder(s) of the original copyright.

My love must be some kind of headlight:
I can’t see anything but you ...

Are there cars on the road?
I don’t know if the traffic has slowed.
I only have eyes for you, dear.

The light may be red,
But I can’t see a thing that’s ahead.
I only have eyes for you.

I don’t know if we’re on the highway,
Or on a crowded avenue.

The cost may be high.
Maybe millions of people could die.
But they all disappear from view,
And I only have eyes for you.