Dark and Snowy Mashup

Parody of “Let It Go”, words and music by Kristen Anderson-Lopez & Robert Lopez

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Parody lyrics ©2020-09-20 by Bob Kanefsky. All rights reserved. The copyright of the original lyrics and music remain with the holder(s) of the original copyright.

While writing my other mashup parody of “Let It Snow”, I kept noticing parallels between the original and a certain filk song. So a few days later I wrote it.

Dead silence reigns in the tower tonight,
Not a warble to be heard.
The thunder must have drowned out
What for years now has occurred:
The fearsome Countess with her loathsome voice inside.
Couldn’t block it out.  Heaven knows we tried.

Don’t let her know.  Just praise her voice.
She’s the Countess, so no one has a choice.
Til servants woke one day at dawn
To find her gone.

Chorus: Let him go! Let him go!
Though it looks bad, to be sure. 
Let him go! Let him go!
With just two keys to the door.
I don’t care what the Heralds say.
Such a gentle Count.
Though why did she eat her lute anyway?

It’s funny how each witness
Saw everything okay.
The lightning striking constantly
Transformed the night to day. 

There’s no dispute.  No need for proof.
No need for spells to check the truth.
No lute, no song, no damning key.
We’re free!

Chorus: Let him go! Let him go!
He was with us when she died.
Let him go! Let him go!
He never left our side!
I don’t care what the Bards aver.
Nothing here to see.

The Heralds came to judge if there had been foul play.
And questioned everyone for just the facts if they could say.
And one astounding thing was clear-cut and precise:
That every movement of the Count was witnessed twice.

Let him go! Let him go!
She might have just fallen sick. 
Let him go! Let him go!
You’ll never make it stick. 
That’s our stand, what we all will say.
Let the case be closed.
Though why did she eat her lute anyway?