Ancient Stone

Parody of “Ancient Sky”, words and music by Talis Kimberley

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Parody lyrics ©1995-03-21 by Bob Kanefsky. All rights reserved. The copyright of the original lyrics and music remain with the holder(s) of the original copyright.

A land a thousand times more ancient, and a decision a thousand times more momentous.

Channels carving through cratered ground.
Fissures follow the ages down.
Changeless plains where no mountain spasms.
Bone-dry streams lead to dusty chasms.
Ancient stone!  Ghostly wind!  Frozen plate!
Read its past! Touch its now! Dream its fate!

Beauty binds us; it stays our hand:
A sad respect for an untouched land.
Desert cloaked in a rusty curtain.
Is it dead?  How can we be certain?
Barren waste?  Fallow ground?  Vacant plain?
Bare of life?  Void of hope?  Numb to pain?
Much unknown.  Much to lose.  More to gain.

The distant darkness may hold the keys,
The frozen founts for a million seas.
Brought so close that the winds have slowed them.
Dropped so far that the rocks explode them.
Flash of light!  Gust of wind!  Roar of steam!
Flying ice!  Falling rain!  Running stream!
Spark of life! Touch of warmth!  Breath of air! 
Might it be?  Will we try?  Do we dare?
Might it be?  Will we try?  Do we dare?