Parody of “Blue Bayou”, words and music by Roy Orbison and Joe Melson

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Parody lyrics ©2018-02-10 by Bob Kanefsky. All rights reserved. The copyright of the original lyrics and music remain with the holder(s) of the original copyright.

[Scansion note: The original varies from verse to verse and I didn’t follow it line by line, so you’ll need to figure out the intended scansion; e.g. “Teatime left my head confused” scans to “Working til the sun don't shine”, not “Gonna be with some of my friends”. “New Orleans”, of course, has several pronunciations, and two of them will work.]

I felt so hungry on my jungle cruise.
Teatime left my head confused. 
Dinnertime, and now I must choose
A place to eat. 

Gonna take the monorail there.
Then walk through New Orleans Square.
Hope a ghost won’t slip in and scare
The maitre d’. 

Chorus: I’m going back today,
Come what may, to Blue Bayou,
Where the food is fine
Once you stand in line for Blue Bayou.
Where those pirate boats
With their flags afloatÂ…!
If I could only see
Above a hazardous shoal, a talking skull,
How happy I’d be!

Gonna order crab cakes to snack
While the pirates plunder and sack.
Get a souvenir to take back
From Blue Bayou. 

Paper lanterns all the time.
Dining where the sun don’t shine.
Maybe witness a horrible crime
From Blue Bayou.


Stir that julep jar
From the bar
With silverware
Or a scimitar?
When it’s time to pay,
Will they take away
Those bones that be thar?

A signature stew...
A missing crew...
At Blue Bayou.