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People/bands parodied: traditional

(L)Wrote the original lyrics to thirteen songs parodied.
(T)Wrote the tune to sixteen songs parodied.

RoundwormCredited on Roundworm

Source song Parody
All Among the Barley (L)(T) All Among the Garlic
Heretic Heart (T) Bandersnatch
Sule Skerrie (L)(T) The Child of Arthur Curry
Clear Away the Morning Dew (L)(T) Clear Away the Mountain Dew
Here's A Health To The Company (L)(T) Eat Merry
Twa Magicians (L)(T) Flies and Other Diet Aids
Heretic Heart (T) Heretic Lemming
Green Grow The Rushes (pagan version) (T) Long Live Bureaucracy
Nottamun Town (L)(T) Macintosh Town
Thinking of You / The Cruel War (L)(T) Meltdown
Lord of the Dance (T) The Perils of `Lord of the Dance'
The Coachman (L)(T) The Postman
The Rattlin' Bog (L)(T) Recursive Memory Allocation
Magpie (L)(T) RFC 1149
Whiskey for my Johnny (L)(T) Saffron or Yolanda
The Saucy Sailor (L)(T) The Saucy Programmer
The Cutty Wren (L)(T) X Files Wren

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