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Cynthia McQuillin

People/bands parodied: Cynthia McQuillin

(L)Wrote the original lyrics to twenty-one songs parodied.
(T)Wrote the tune to twenty-one songs parodied.
(P)Recorded fourteen songs.

Source song Parody
Sometimes After Dark (L)(T)(P) After Dark
Arise, My Love (L)(T)(P) Arise for Emily
Black Davey (L)(T) Black Tabby
Black Lace and Midnight (L)(T)(P) Brown Rice and Tofu
S.F. Fantasy (L)(T) Classroom Fantasy
Fever Dreams (L)(T)(P) Cross Fertilization
Dandelion Chain (L)(T) Dandelion Revenge
Dragon Flight (L)(T) Dragon Decimal
Silken Swift (L)(T)(P) Jessica's Song
Livin' in a Video (L)(T)(P) Livin' in a Video Game
Night's Master (L)(T)(P) Master of Macho
My Father Was a Harper (L)(T)(P) My Father Was a Filker
The Chieri (L)(T)(P) On and On
Rowan Tree (L)(T) Rowan Lemonade
Crimson and Crystal (L)(T) Shiny and Sharp
Singer in the Shadow (L)(T)(P) Singer of the Shadow
Wolfling (L)(T)(P) Six Pack / Wolf Pack
Star Circle (L)(T)(P) Star Tip
Snakes (L)(T) Tapes! Why'd It Have To Be Tapes?
Child of Darkness (L)(T)(P) Thrall of Software
Bitter Green (L)(T)(P) Wintergreen Passions

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